Monday, 25 May 2009

Dog Diarrhea Causes and Symptoms

This illness is a greatly common occurrence in dogs because of their habits of eating, chewing, and licking everything mildly of interest to them or to any other dog, cat, or mammal they see with a similar interest.

Dog diarrhea can be a serious or not so serious in dogs, I this because there are so many different types and causes of diarrhea that making any kind of assumption of your dogs cause of diarrhea would be a complete guess and only based on the most common cause of the illness.

So what is the most common cause of dog diarrhea I hear you ask? Well its usually from eating or trying to digest something unfamiliar or uncomfortable to the dogs digestive system. This could include parts of a favourite but badly designed chew toy that have broken off and been swallowed causing an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, from gone off foods such as the types many dogs discover and drag out of bins or trash, or not uncommonly because your dogs stomach is just not used to the particular type of food you are giving them.

If your dog is used to a pretty bland diet or the same diet for a long period of time then the last option in the previous paragraph may be the cause and is very similar to what we call a Delhi belly (unwell, being sick, diarrhea) from encountering different types of foods or diet when we go to places similar to India which have spicier and more unfamiliar foods to our systems.

The treatment for such an illness is dependent on the diagnosis from a qualified vt, but in most cases it will be to stop the dog eating for a period of about one day or twenty four hours so that the dogs system has time to get rid of all the waste and possible offending 'poisons' and can return to normal again.

In the attempt to rid of all the bad substance in the dogs body it will continue to cause the dog to vomit or have diarrhea until everything has been cleared out of the body. If the dog is still being fed on a normal diet then the body will continue to think there is more excess waste to get rid of and the diarrhea and vomiting will continue unnecessarily for long periods of time.

Bear in mind this is a guide to dog diarrhea and you should always get the dog checked out by a professional vet before hand so they get the correct treatment and there is nothing else causing the illness.

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