Friday, 26 June 2009


It´s time for Weekend links!

How to build calmness in your dog using their meal. Tips on Dog Care

Tips on understanding what dog allergies are all about. Entertainment and Beauty Tips

Buying guide for dog beds. WildPets!

25 popular dog breeds video. Tips on Dog Care


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    This is the first time I’ve read about this. I keep learning new things everyday!

  2. I love pets very much.Your tips are very fruitful, I applied these on my dog.

  3. I have bought a new puppy recently and these links definitely helps me to take care for my puppy. I appreciate your work and plz. keep on sharing some more stuff.
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  4. Excellent! it is very useful post and tips for puppy training. How to train your puppies is a question asked by almost all dog owners. It seems everyone has advice and tips, and opinions on the best way to train your puppies.

    Puppies learn very fast with proper training. The primary few days at home are very important for puppies and the examples you set now will last a life span. Following these basic techniques as soon as you bring your puppy home will make sure a positive housetraining experience for you and your puppy:-

    * Ensure you give your dog lots of consideration and attention when he’s doing the right and good thing. Praise him plentifully when he’s been a good boy.

    * There is nothing intrinsically incorrect with telling your dog “no,” it’s just that it doesn’t give him sufficient information. Instead of “no,” instruct him what you want him to do.

    * Give your puppy recurrent admission to his toilet area for preventing soiling inside house. Reward the puppy for do so - give a special treat.

    * Nourish your puppy with 2 – 3 meals per day. Leave food out for 15-20 minutes then take away the leftover food. Never leave food out for puppy to eat at will. This helps you find out when she’ll have to go potty.


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